Moving Beyond Midlife to Life’s Future Challenges

You’ve gone through a great deal in the last few years. You’ve gotten past that midlife point and now you are facing your future. You worry. Did you do enough? Did you create the type of life you wanted to live? Who is going to be with you going forward? You worry about money, people, relationships, and even your death.

The entire process can be overwhelming in itself. The good news is, you have help available to you. Turning to a psychotherapist may be exactly what you need to do to get through these difficult situations.

Do You need a Bit of Help?

For many women who are moving beyond midlife, the concerns weighing on their minds can be numerous. You may be facing so many challenges it is hard to focus. You could be facing making decisions about matters such as:

  • Your future – what you want it to be, what you hope it will include, and what you can expect from these later years
  • Your retirement – is it what you wanted it to be? Can you change things now? Will you have the financial ability to retire?
  • Your health – Are you facing medical concerns right now? Could you be in the near future? Many men and women begin to worry about their health at this point.
  • Your mortality – Do you find yourself worried about dying and leaving people behind? Do you worry about what death means?

If you are facing these types of struggles, you may not want or need to reach out to your loved ones. You may want a third party who can give you insight and options. That is when turning to some form of psychotherapy can be empowering.

How to Get the Help You Need

Women have a wide range of opportunities available to them in obtaining support. Psychotherapy is an option for many women. You can choose to turn to a professional for one-on-one sessions. And, group therapy can also be beneficial in many of these areas. The goal here is to reach out. Find a way to improve your quality of life by simply reaching out to those around you.

And, when you just want a different solution, perhaps one that gives you more of an opportunity to achieve your goals, turn to a professional who can help guide you from where you are to where you want to be. Call me today at 212-413-7088.

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