Struggling with Commitment? Seek Out Help

Many people struggle with commitment. What is it? In short, commitment is the ability to make a decision to something. Generally, those who are said to be unable to commit do so in relationships. That means that they may not be ready or willing to get married or settle down. However, commitment isn’t just about relationships. In many cases, it is a problem that stems from a much deeper place. Because of this, it is often beneficial to speak to and work with a therapist if you are facing commitment concerns or your loved one is.

Why Can’t You Commit?

Many people who are struggling with commitment do not make a conscious decision to do so. They want relationships. They want to be loyal. They just struggle with staying on that path. Commitment problems can happen for many reasons. In nearly all cases, they stem from past relationships or thoughts. If you are struggling with this on any level, speak to a therapist about the way you feel.

  • What makes you limit these types of commitments with others?
  • Have you been let down in your past and that is impacting your future?
  • Are you unsure why you struggle in this area?
  • Could your family be at the heart of the problem?
  • Perhaps you just do not want to make those decisions just yet.

No matter what the underlying problem is, one thing is for sure. You need to get to the bottom of it and only for yourself. There are various reasons to do so and many ways to do so. However, one thing is going to help you. You need someone in your court to listen to you, to help you understand what you are facing, and someone who can give you guidance on how to improve.

There are plenty of reasons why people struggle to commit. In some cases, they just do not want to make the decision in front of them. In other cases, they are unsure because there are too many factors on the line. And, in still others, they have a past that is limiting their abilities. When you come in to see our therapist, you can work through these concerns and gather more information about what you are facing and why. Even if you do not want to change or make a decision, you need to get to the heart of the reason why for yourself.

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