How Do You Feel About Thinking About Your Future?

Thinking about your future is perfectly normal. Having dreams and aspirations is part of life, but as we age, what we are aiming for can change dramatically. Generally, we realize the things that are most important in life, and material things start to matter less.

Dreaming of the Future When You Are Young

As a youngster, you may have dreams of living your life in a big house and working in a career perfect for you. You may be thinking you will travel the world or party your whole life. Life has a way of not happening as we think though, so although you may while away many happy hours daydreaming about your future, don’t be surprised if your life ends up totally different. That need not be a bad thing though, as when you get a little older, a dose of reality kicks in.

Dreaming of the Future When You Reach Midlife

If you are feeling guilty about thinking of the time when your children have left home, and your mortgage is paid off, don’t. It is perfectly natural to want some freedom after years of rearing children and working hard to keep the mortgage company happy. Midlife will happen quicker than you think, and it could be time for you to make major changes in the way you live.

If you have been thinking about your future for some time, and what you want those changes to be, now is your time to sort your life out and probably start to think about the next stage, retirement.

Dreaming of the Future When You Have Retired

Just because you have reached retirement age, does not mean that you have no future, or that you should stop thinking about it. Most people these days retire anywhere between 55 and 65 and still have many years ahead of them. Making plans for what you want to do in those years can be crucial to your wellbeing, or you could become stressed about the way your life is heading.

You should not feel bad about putting yourself first. You may have spent years rearing a family and doing a job that was not your favorite. Retirement should be one of the best times of your life and thinking about future plans can help make your retirement dreams a reality.

Some people feel selfish thinking of their own futures, but that should not be the case. It can cause them great stress and anxiety though, and they may need help to cope with these negative feelings. If this is you we are talking about, get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment with the best psychotherapist in NYC.

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