Group Therapy for Women in Midlife

Women in midlife and beyond join a new weekly group!

First meeting: June 5th 2019
Time: 6:30 to 8:00
Fee: $75.00 (can be covered by insurance out of network)

Why a Group?

Thinking out loud in the presence of others can be a very powerful tool to clarifying your issues and getting support.
Connection to others can help improve your mood and outlook and create resilience.

Why a Therapy Support Group?

Sometimes we need professional help to address the storm of emotions we are facing. As a therapist of many years, i am experienced in addressing conflicts and hopes. I can help you understand your needs and participate in a rich group experience.

When is Midlife?

Today, with many women in better health, physically and emotionally, we are working longer in the home and in our careers. We could argue that midlife ranges roughly from 50 to 75.

Are you struggling with changes in your emotional life or physical self?

As questions about your future come into focus and occupy more of your time and thoughts, you are probably in the middle years and thinking about your next chapter

Join me for an exciting journey during the middle of your life!

Laurie Sloane, LCSW
211 west 56th street
Apt 10K
New York, NY 10019


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