Laurie Sloane   Licensed Clinical Social Worker Over the past 30 years, a combination of diverse professional experiences and extensive training have made me the therapist I am today. In addition to a Master’s Degree in Social Work, I have participated in continuing education courses and seminars to ensure that I am incorporating the latest in psychoanalysis into treatment plans. I joined the… Continue Reading

Support Group for Midlife Women 50-70 Forming Now

I will be conducting a weekly midlife support group for women 50-70 now and throughout the winter. We will be meeting virtually in the afternoon or evenings depending on everyone’s schedules. Life changes as women head towards menopause and beyond. These changes are reflected in body and mood fluctuations as well as accompanying shifts in… Continue Reading

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Finding a New Version of Yourself in Midlife

Midlife is often the point where people feel trapped in their work or their relationships. It is no coincidence that more divorces take place between people in their 50s than at any other age. Often, by this time the children have left home, and the couple finds they no longer have anything in common. Moving… Continue Reading

How Do You Feel About Thinking About Your Future?

Thinking about your future is perfectly normal. Having dreams and aspirations is part of life, but as we age, what we are aiming for can change dramatically. Generally, we realize the things that are most important in life, and material things start to matter less. Dreaming of the Future When You Are Young As a… Continue Reading

Functioning with Bipolar Disorder in College

Before we discuss how students with bipolar disorder can work their way through college, we need to understand what the problem they are suffering from is. For many years it was referred to as someone being a manic-depressive. The manic part of the name was for the highs and the depressive part for the lows.… Continue Reading

How to Help Your College Student Find the Right Therapist

The pressures of work and trying to care for themselves for possibly the first time in their lives, often means that when students start college, they become a bit disillusioned with what they thought would be fun all the way. When they suddenly find that apart from the classes they have to study, they also… Continue Reading

Get Help Managing Stress in College

We all tend to think of our years of college as a time for fun as well as hard work. However, for about one-fifth of college students, it is a time of anxiety and depression. There are several reasons why they suffer in this way, and there is help available if they need it. There… Continue Reading

Why Are College Students Getting Anxious and Depressed?

It appears that 1 out of every 5 college students in the US suffers from anxiety or depression. With the statistics showing that there are over 20 million college students in America, that equates to at least 4 million who are unhappy enough to be anxious or depressed. What causes this is a matter of… Continue Reading

Why You Should Not Worry about Stigma and Seek Psychotherapy

Although the progression open ended culture and understanding societies has brought down many walls surrounding mental illnesses and stigma that has always been an obstacle for patients trying to improve their condition and get well, one wall still remains. The discrimination and shame associated with a mental illness is the main cause why people never… Continue Reading

Common Myths about Professional Psychotherapy Debunked

Why do people hesitate to visit a psychotherapist? Is it because they’re afraid to be labelled as “crazy”? Is it because it is “too expensive”? Or is it because the therapy is “never-ending”? The answers to these questions may be a big yes for most people. Psychotherapy surrounds itself with various misconceptions. Originating through pop… Continue Reading

Boost Your Cognitive Function with Psychotherapy

A very common misconception we often come across is the belief that psychotherapy is only for the mentally unstable or the psychologically impaired amongst us. We believe that seeing a therapist is only necessary if we are psychologically weak; at which point, we need to see someone for a speedy recovery. However, what can heal… Continue Reading

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