Not Just a Phase: When to Seek Psychotherapy for Children’s Issues

Are we in need of Psychotherapy for Children?

top-nyc-female-psychotherapist-for-children-01As a parent or guardian, it is likely that you want to do everything you can to provide for the children under your care. Sometimes it can be difficult to know all the “right” things to do and must consider psychotherapy for children. Child-rearing is complex. Children can behave in strange ways and the parenting books do not always have advice for your unique situation. Occasionally, children struggle with emotions and behaviors that require more than just typical parental care. In those cases, you may want to seek psychotherapy for children’s issues:

Your Child is Developmentally Delayed

Some children do not hit their milestones at the expected timeline and pace. At certain points and with certain delays, there may be cause for concern. If your child is delayed in their communication skills, ability to perspective take, and ability to connect with people around them, then child therapy may be a helpful resource for them. In some cases, the child may have a serious psychological concern such as Autism Spectrum Disorder. In other cases, they may just need some help learning how to communicate.

Other times, a child may be struggling with a learning disorder, a deficit in attention, or hyperactivity. In those cases, rehabilitative services can be helpful to address the various skill deficits. However, therapy can also be helpful for assisting the child in understanding their abilities, to identify areas of strength, to function as well as they can, and to address the emotional repercussions of having such a diagnosis.

Your Child is Struggling with their Emotions


The reality is that emotions, especially intense ones, can be difficult for anyone to manage. Adults have had any years to learn about their emotions and learn techniques for dealing with them. Children have had significantly less time to know how to manage their emotions. Some children also struggle more than others with their emotions. When a child struggles with their emotions it may appear in various behaviors. At certain points, it makes sense to take children to child therapy for help in this area.

When children struggle with anxiety, depression, or anger that results in recurring tantrums, then child’s psychotherapy may be even more crucial. In these cases, the children’s therapist can help a child not only learn about their emotions but also develop the skills needed to manage anxiety, depression, and anger. In some cases, the child may need help identifying the underlying cause of these symptoms so that it can be more fully resolved. If left unaddressed these problems could progress to adulthood.

Your Child has Experienced a Loss or Trauma

psychotherapist-parents-children-issues-conseling-lcsw-03In some cases, children can experience unexpected and difficult circumstances. This could be the divorce of their parents, the loss of a parent, or some other trauma event. When children experience such situations, their young minds may be unable to process what has occurred. They may act out in various ways because they are struggling with their memories, thoughts, and emotions. In these cases, child psychotherapy can be crucial to helping them to recover and return to more typical functioning.

A child therapist is specially trained to help children work through difficult situations and trauma events. This must be approached in ways that accommodate for their level of cognitive development and language abilities. Oftentimes, play therapy can be used. Sometimes within the psychoanalytic approach, techniques such as sand tray therapy can be used to allow children to process their reactions.

Final Thoughts

When your child is struggling and their needs call for specialized help, consider seeking psychotherapy for children’s issues. You will want a child therapist who has the necessary training and experience to help.

Contact Licensed Clinical Social Worker Laurie Sloan at 212-413-7088 to schedule an appointment for children’s counseling. With over 30 years of experience in the field, Laurie can assist any child in dealing with their difficult memories, thoughts, and emotions, so they can live a healthier life.

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