Boost Your Cognitive Function with Psychotherapy

A very common misconception we often come across is the belief that psychotherapy is only for the mentally unstable or the psychologically impaired amongst us. We believe that seeing a therapist is only necessary if we are psychologically weak; at which point, we need to see someone for a speedy recovery. However, what can heal can also improve; meaning psychotherapy is not just recovery-oriented, but it can also be used to improve cognitive function.

A person who is depressed has impaired mental ability. His brain cannot function at its optimum. Seeing a psychotherapist in this situation can work wonders for your mental health and hence your cognitive functionality. Your brain needs space. It needs calm and serenity to work properly. A mental condition such as depression or stress will just cause it to work less efficiently. Seeing a therapist can help get rid of the turmoil in your brain and help you get the most out of your gray matter.

Lack of focus, clouded judgment, indecisiveness, distractibility and forgetfulness are all symptoms of hampered cognitive function. We are human beings, the true apex predators. We like being in control and any such hindrance in our intellectual capability is simply unacceptable. If you share my opinion and suffer from one or more of the above mentioned symptoms, consider seeing a therapist for the best solution for your predicament.

There are instances in which you won’t even realize that your brain is not performing up to its maximum potential. The solution to this is also psychotherapy, which can help you understand how and why you are experiencing a decline in your cognitive function. The professional will prescribe a course of treatments that will help you unlock your full cognitive potential.

Even if you are not a victim of a mental ailment, you can still schedule regular appointments with the therapist to boost your brain power. To reflect on your actions, to think practically, to manage your emotions and to make impactful decisions when needed are all part of your cognitive function. Your therapist can help you boost these abilities by taking you through a variety of exercises which can help induce improvement in your mental ability.

Your therapist is a certified professional. He knows what he’s doing and what you require of him. He might do the most simple of exercises with you like asking you what you had for breakfast on Sunday. He might ask the same question again and again. This is to test your memory and make it stronger.

Another technique most therapists use is give you situations in which you have to make a difficult choice and judge your decision critically so that you learn composure and develop decision making power.

Just as a mechanic can fix a car, but also improve its performance when you modify it, a psychotherapist can mend a broken psyche and boost its performance. Try seeing one to see where you stand and how you can improve yourself. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with the best Psychotherapist in NYC.

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