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What Will Your Future Look Like as You Approach 65, 75, 80 and Beyond?

As we get older, there are physical changes we all go through. Our skin becomes more wrinkled, our joints may start to ache and generally, we are not as energetic as we used to be. Health concerns can be a real issue for some, but for others a visit to the doctors is rare.

Reaching 65

For a long time, reaching 65 meant retiring, as in many countries that is when state pensions became payable. 65-year old’s these days tend to be a lot healthier than people of that age were a couple of generations ago. They want to still enjoy life and generally have the energy to do so. If they have already retired, they may have taken up a new interest, started traveling or maybe doing some voluntary work to keep themselves occupied. The worst thing they can do after being busy for many years is to suddenly do nothing as that is guaranteed to affect their health. The future is still bright when you reach 65.

Reaching 70

Reaching 70 need not make much difference to your life at all. Some people are still working, by choice, and others have already carved out the sort of life they want. They may not have quite so much energy, their hair may be a little whiter and there will be a few more wrinkles, but there is no reason at all why life cannot still be fun at 70.

Reaching 80 and Beyond

Reaching 80 is a milestone that is usually celebrated with family members and friends. By this time, you may have developed a health issue or two, but these can be managed with the help of your physician.  Generally, you will probably have slowed down a bit, but people are aware of your age and will make allowances. You are probably more aware than ever of your mortality, and one 80-year-old in particular, Michael Caine, has said just how happy he is to wake up every morning, even if he does have a few aches and pains. If you had children, you could now be greeting great grandchildren and that is a wonderful experience all of its own.

Unfortunately, not all people over 65 have the love and support from family and friends and they can become depressed and suffer anxiety. They may need help from a professional so that they can cope with growing older. If this is your situation, contact me today to schedule an appointment with the best psychotherapist in NYC.

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