How Groups Can Help College Students Manage Social and Emotional Anxiety

When students are suffering anxiety or depression, being with people that understand what they are going through can help them a great deal. This is particularly true if the other sufferers are peers as they then feel empathy for each other and this can be a very powerful tool in fighting these problems.

Support Groups in College

A college may have organized support groups where members of their counseling service are present to help as well. Having several likeminded people able to discuss how they are feeling and how to find ways to combat the depression or anxiety can go a long way towards getting the student through college. Sometimes, as the group progresses, it becomes more of a social event. Even then though, members usually do not leave the group as the support they get can make the difference between failure and success.

Online Support Groups

There are now many organizations who have started online support groups, including Mental Health America. They have discussion boards, blogs and online communities and can be very useful for additional support.

Groups for Interests

Sometimes, just being part of a group of people taking part in the same sport, playing music together or enjoying any other common interest can be all that is needed. Students who are stressed often feel very alone and if they are part of a group doing something they are interested in, that can help solve their problems.

Study Groups

A lot of anxiety that students suffer is because of fears about the work they are doing. They worry about not understanding it properly and failing their exams. Study groups give the opportunity for them to discuss the work further than has been done in the class and can help them to clarify any points they are not sure about. Hearing other students’ ideas and putting their own forward can be very therapeutic and give them more confidence in their abilities.

The Social Aspect

Apart from groups helping with anxiety and other emotional problems, the social aspect of them can also be a huge benefit. Some students who start college are very shy and nervous about making new friends. When they are in a group, that happens naturally, and it is another worry off their mind.

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