Laurie Sloane   Licensed Clinical Social Worker Over the past 30 years, a combination of diverse professional experiences and extensive training have made me the therapist I am today. In addition to a Master’s Degree in Social Work, I have participated in continuing education courses and seminars to ensure that I am incorporating the latest in psychoanalysis into treatment plans. I joined the… Continue Reading

Support Group for Midlife Women 50-70 Forming Now

I will be conducting a weekly midlife support group for women 50-70 now and throughout the winter. We will be meeting virtually in the afternoon or evenings depending on everyone’s schedules. Life changes as women head towards menopause and beyond. These changes are reflected in body and mood fluctuations as well as accompanying shifts in… Continue Reading

See my main site at and My Psychology Today Page Blog Posts are Below:   Continue Reading

Psychotherapist for Divorce

Making the Divide: Why You Should See a Psychotherapist for Divorce If your relationship is on the rocks, you may start considering divorce. There can be many conditions that might lead a couple in this direction. Even in difficult situations, it can still be a difficult choice. Many people will find they could benefit from… Continue Reading

Psychotherapist for Alcohol Abuse

Battling the Bottle: When to Seek a Psychotherapist for Alcohol Abuse If you struggle with alcohol abuse or alcoholism, you might find it rather difficult to stop drinking on your own. This is because the use of alcohol can be highly addictive once you have developed a dependence on it and it may ultimately be… Continue Reading

Psychotherapist for Adoption Related Issues

Unexpected Deliveries: Seeking a Psychotherapist for Adoption Related Issues Adoption is a complex process for everyone involved. For prospective parents, adoption may be an option they pursue after other routes towards parenthood did not work out. This can make the emotions involved multi-faceted. For adopted children, there may also be a mix of emotions depending… Continue Reading

Psychotherapist for Family Conflict

More Than Just Family Drama: Why You Should Seek a Psychotherapist for Family Conflict Television and movies may make light of what is sometimes referred to as “family drama.” Sure, it can seem hilarious when presented with a comical flair and set against a laugh track. However, in real life “family drama” can quickly have… Continue Reading

Conditions we treat at Best Therapist NYC

The Most Common Conditions Your Psychotherapist Can Help You With We live in a world where almost every problem we have can be treated with medicine. There are medications for mental health complications such as ADHD and even depression. There are so many people across the globe that resort to a string of medications to… Continue Reading

Therapist for Aging NYC

What Will Your Future Look Like as You Approach 65, 75, 80 and Beyond? As we get older, there are physical changes we all go through. Our skin becomes more wrinkled, our joints may start to ache and generally, we are not as energetic as we used to be. Health concerns can be a real… Continue Reading

How to Prepare to Go to a Therapist by NYC Top Psychotherapist

Things You Should Know Before Seeing a Psychotherapist The decision to begin therapy can be frustrating or disheartening. It is a path that helps lead the patient on a journey to self actualization, mental stability and emotional perseverance. Not only is it challenging for the therapist to meticulously and yet gently probe you to fully… Continue Reading

Positive and Negative Aspects of Midlife

From the day we are born we start to age, and we all have to go through the various stages of life. At some point we will reach midlife, and for many it can be quite a shock when they realize they are no longer the youngster they feel they still are in their head.… Continue Reading

Menopause is a Life Changer

Some women will sail through the menopause feeling very little effects, but others will suffer for years. This is because it is a change in hormones that happens very gradually, and to start with the differences can be so slight that they may not even be associated with the menopause. You might find that you… Continue Reading

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